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Racism, xenophobia and integration in Northern Ireland

Prior to the 2016 EU referendum, there was an observable increase in racist and anti-immigrant sentiment in many media outlets, and expressed publicly by politicians and community leaders across the United Kingdom. The Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey has asked questions on attitudes to minority ethnic communities since 2005, examining self-reported prejudice, perceptions of prejudice, acceptance of minority ethnic groups in intimate relationships and levels of interaction. The data therefore provides a valuable indicator of the vulnerability of Northern Ireland to xenophobic discourses which understate the value of diversity and migration, and emphasises self-segregation and exclusion.

I’m pleased to have just completed a report for ARK on the 2015 ILT survey data on attitudes to ethnic minorities, and look forward to its release soon! I’ll be posting a link to it here, along with additional commentary on the data.

You can see previous reports on the NILT webpage on attitudes to ethnic minorities.



Golliwogs removed from sale at retail outlet near Dungannon, NI

“A HIGH-END retail complex in Co Tyrone has been at the centre of controversy for a second time over the sale of golliwogs. […]┬áThe same shop, Linen Mill House and Garden, was the focus of controversy in 2008 for selling golly key-rings and mugs. […] At the time owner Dave Russell vowed to continue selling the products, saying there was “no racist element whatsoever” and branding concerns as “political correctness gone mad”.”

“The nearby village of Moygashel has been a focus of fears over racism in the past.”