Yorkshire African Studies Network conference, 18-19 May


Yorkshire African Studies Network conference, 18-19 May 2017, University of Hull

Migration and Transition – Roots and Routes

2-day interdisciplinary interactive conference to provide a platform of critical thinking, exchange of ideas, networking and promotion of inter-relationships between academics, researchers, the community and non-academics. The conference provides an opportunity for academics and professionals from various fields to share their theoretical knowledge, research findings and practices with colleagues, participants and community members


18th May Thursday

10.15 Keynote: Dr Lucy Michael – Afrophobia and anti-blackness in the International Decade for People of African Descent: a hate crime perspective’.

11. 00 Frowynke Siegers: Community Development & Volunteer Coordinator Gateway Protection Programme – Refugee Council – talk of work with refugees and case studies

1.30 Lilly Okech-Appiah: The Human Trafficking of young girls and women from Eastern Africa to Europe

1.45 Giselle Lowe: A qualitative exploration of abortion narratives in South Africa

2.15 Keynote: Dr Athina Karatogianni, Africa and social media

3.15 Samuel North: Museums as a form of restorative justice: reality or rhetoric in South Africa?

3.30 Dr Michele Olivier: Forced Marriages: A modern form of slavery?

4.00 Nkiruka U Maduekwe: Enforcing Environmental Rights in Nigeria: Is there an African Solution to this Nigerian Problem?

4.45 -5.45 Roundtable YASN discussion

6 .00 Film: Talk by Tom Glinski – Community Development Worker Centre 88 & Film made by refugees Centre 88 – Refugee Council

19th May Friday

10.30 Claire Chambers: ‘Like a New Titanic’: Muslim Refugee Fiction

11.00 Shriya Thakkar: Labour Migration and Gender Roles: A South Asian Perspective

11.30 Dr Shola: Boko Haram

12.00 Allison Drew: Conflict patterns in Africa

12.30 Dr Bev Orton: Decriminalising Sex Workers in South Africa

1.00 Discussion/ plenary

2.30 Film on Rwanda

PM Visit to local exhibitions


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