Councils leading on Traveller ethnicity

Sligo County Council just voted to recognise Traveller ethnicity,  something the state has failed to do despite recognition of their ethnicity in Great Britain and Northern Ireland 

Its not the first. 

South Dublin County Council voted in December 2014

Cork City Council voted in July 2013
But the results are greeted with mixed feeling. Why vote on an established fact unless it can achieve something more tangible?

Are these useful attempts to embarrass the state into action,  raise local standards of administration and inclusion,  or signalling? I’m inclined to think the first 2, but since the Government  has shown little resolve in speeding this matter to conclusion,  I would hope the second has been useful in the meantime. 

Has anyone done a study of the impact of the Cork vote on council policy and practice? 

If they are signalling,  are they helpful in addressing the kinds of racism we saw from council candidates and members after Carrickmines? 

Comments welcome.  


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