Book launch: Africans are not Black

I’m excited to see Kwesi Tsri’s book out in print with a book launch next week at UCD. Kwesi argues for abandoning the use of the term ‘black’ to describe and categorise Africans, directly addressing the argument that ‘black’ can be turned into a positive concept, demonstrating the failure of this approach to deal with the real problems raised by imposing the term ‘black’ on its human referents.

This has been a particular point of discussion in Ireland since we have not had here the same weight of movement to positively claim the word ‘Black’, and recent African immigration has pointed to the impact of that on self-identification and anti-racism here. I hope to post a longer discursive post on this in due course, but in the meantime, hope to see you at Kwesi’s launch!

Details below.

Join Routledge, and the UCD Equality Studies Centre, School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice in welcoming… Kwesi Tsri on Thursday 29th September, for a public lecture from 6-7pm, in the Newman Theatre 1, Newman Building, UCD with a book launch by Professor John Baker in UCD Staff Common Room, Newman Building at 7.30pm




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