Irish Examiner and Scientific American remove and revise content on ‘Irish slaves’

Irish Central (@IrishCentral) still publicises ‘Irish slave’ myth propoganda of white supremacist website.

Both the Irish diaspora and the Irish at home have come to view Irish Central as a site which makes us feel good to be Irish. But this St Patrick’s Day, it is disappointing to see that they are the only media outlet (and the original and main publiciser) of false information about ‘Irish slaves’.

St Patricks Day can be a contentious time for the display of Irish identity. As a privileged white identity with diaspora all over the world, the day comes with a celebration of what we like to think the Irish are now known for, a warm welcome and a great sense of fun as well as an enormous capacity for ‘the drop’.

But on St Patricks Day in recent years, we have seen very brutal attacks against visible minorities in Dublin city centre and elsewhere. In 2014, a Brazilian man was attacked at Aston Quay  and an Asian man at O’Connell Street, both left with painful physical injuries. There was also, more significantly, the St Patrick’s Day attack on 19-year-old Chechen Adam Labazanov. The attack saw the teenager stabbed 57 times and left for dead in a shallow grave.

These are as well as the verbal assaults and other injuries against ethnic minorities which we have documented in – you might also remember the incident covered by the Irish Mirror which showed a video recording of a racist verbal assault on a man who had been mistakenly assumed by a drunk man to be a taxi driver, which ended in threatening to rip his jaw off.


We cannot and should not stand by while media outlets publish false information which stokes racial tensions and supports white supremacist groups. This St Patrick’s Day, take a stand against racist myths everywhere. That is the kind of Irish character much needed right now.


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