Anti-immigration sentiment and racist violence

lucymarkusA discussion at the Northern Ireland Human Rights Festival @NIHRF next week.

Dr Markus Ketola and I will be hosting a discussion on racism and populism in Northern Ireland and Europe. The event will explore how racist violence and denial of access to public services is connected to racist attitudes.

We will briefly present evidence from international research on how rights are affected by prevailing climate of racist attitudes, and h ow the human rights agenda is undermined by particular types of social justice arguments.

We will open up the discussion to address the following questions:

Why have arguments about welfare made racist attitudes towards migrants acceptable?

How do individuals reconcile an interest in social justice at home with closing of borders and limiting of access to welfare for others?

What role do political loyalties play in facilitating or discouraging racist sentiment?

How are these connected to patterns of racist violence?

The event takes place on Wednesday 9 December, 1.15pm – 2.15pm, at the Conor Theatre, Ulster University, York Street, Belfast, BT15 [MAP]

This event is FREE and open to the public. 


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