Putting asylum problems out to grass for the summer

In a very disappointing move, the Goverment has failed to respond appropriately to the working group’s recommendations and has set up a further Task Force to consider the issues, and report back in September. TDs and holidays, eh? LM.


Minister’s Announcement of Transition Task Force on Eve of Citizenship Ceremonies a Betrayal of Asylum Seekers – Nasc Ireland | Nasc Ireland.

Of the 173 recommendations made by consensus by all members of the Working Group, including representatives from several government departments including the Department of Justice, the Cabinet Committee have decided to implement none.

Instead the Committee has decided to set up a Task Force, chaired by Minister of State Aodhán Ó Riordáin, which, according to a Department of Justice press release, would have the responsibility of ‘considering the issues involved’ in the transition of the 600 plus people currently living in direct provision who already have a residency permission. This Task Force is due to report back to the Government on 30th September.

“Despite what the Department of Justice’s press release states, this Task Force was not a recommendation of the Working Group. It is an excuse for the Department to put off implementing any of the recommendations,” states Nasc CEO Fiona Finn.

More at http://www.nascireland.org/latest-news/ministers-annoucement-of-transition-task-force-on-eve-of-citizenship-ceremonies-a-betrayal-of-asylum-seekers/


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