Car set alight and front window of house smashed at 3am

“Police are treating an attack on a house and a car in south ‪#‎Belfast‬ as a hate crime. The PSNI is appealing for information after a car was set alight and the front window of a house smashed in the Ulsterville Avenue area in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Detective Sergeant Black said: “At around 3:35am, it was reported that a bottle was thrown at a living room window of a house in the area. It is believed that the window smashed as a result of the incident. A car parked close to the house in the area was set alight. It is believed that flammable liquid was poured over the vehicle. The car was extensively damaged, but no one was in the car at the time of the incident. Enquiries are continuing but at this stage, police are treating the incident as a ‪#‎hatecrime‬.”

UTV has learned that two families, one from Kuwait and another from Bangladesh, have been targeted in the incident.”…/Atta…/c621efdd-f4a1-4a85-b51b-d832ec5a0407


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